BALUN is an exploding, alternative pop band based in Trondheim, Norway.  BALUN plays music that can’t or should not be placed in one particular box. Pop is perhaps the main genre, but poorly describes the content, which involves fragile ballads as well as exploding jazz rock. The lyrics are personal and undisguised, and the music it self pretty much a mirror image of the bands vocalist Annelise Ofstad Aar.

BALUN released their first EP in april 2011, which got great response from both media and the audience. BALUN will head out on a new tour across the norwegian country in march 2012.


Current members:

Annelise Ofstad Aar -vocals

Eirik Mathias Husum -bass

Jon Even Schärer -drums

Ole Jonas Storli -piano

Hans Martin Storrøsten -guitars